Drinking School
Fancy appetizers & cocktails on a Friday evening, need anything else to know? .

Start with an appetizer, match with a cocktail

Appetizer Banderita

Our cocktail and tapas courses are meant for you to learn, but mostly to have fun! It is a one day course where you will learn how to make three different cocktails and three different appetizers or tapas.

For example, in one of our classes, you may start with...

Preparing a "timbal" of fresh shrimp, avocado and mango, over a bed of sweet potato, served with a dash of creamy chipotle sauce. And learn with it how to make "sangrita", the perfect partner for many tequila drinks.

So students will happily drink a "Banderita", which consists of a shot (tequila glass) of fresh lime juice, a shot of tequila and a shot of sangrita, representing the colors of the mexican flag.

Afterwards we go more international and prepare eggplant rolls filled with parmesan cheese and arugula, served with a touch of pesto. Accompanied by a refreshing cucumber martini served with chili on the rim of the glass.

And top with light and healthy vietnamese rolls filled with lettuce, fresh tuna and herbs, served with a dipping sauce.

And to finish (or start) the party, learn how to mix an icy cocktail with lemon, orange, ginger and rum...
The course includes all material, recipes and food.

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